Shelly in a white jean jacket and a gold hemp leaf necklace. She has long dark hair and a lipsticked warm smile and green eyes with bronze eye shadow. She is outside under a cloudy sky with Muscatine area in background.

Researcher and author, Brene’ Brown says we should do life with strong backs, soft fronts, and wild hearts. I am wildly passionate and dedicated to caring for and serving others.  I have done this my entire life … as a nurse and a mother … with softness, compassion, and empathy.

But know this, I have a spine of steel … I am tenacious and a warrior when it comes to fighting for what’s right and for the needs of those underserved among us. When faced with adversity in life, perseverance is one of my defining qualities.

— Michelle Servadio Elias

Servadio Elias believes in protecting and defending the Constitutional rights of all Iowans, and cultivating the health, wealth and prosperity of our citizens.

She believes in social justice and equity.