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About the Candidate

Servadio Elias is currently serving her second term as State Chairwoman of Veteran’s Caucus for the Iowa Democratic Party and also was recently appointed to serve on Muscatine County’s Veterans Commissioner Board. Michelle retired as an RN after 18 years in critical care. She is now a 100% rated Disabled Veteran.

She strongly believes in protecting and defending the Constitutional rights of all Iowans, cultivating the health, wealth and prosperity of our citizens and our lands and fierce advocacy for social equity and justice in our Hemp and Cannabis laws.

She will fight for fully funding public education, strong unions and disability rights and access to safe education. She has written legislation for suicidal veterans and written bipartisan legislative agenda for Veterans needs.

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A strong advocate for Veterans

Servadio Elias has presented Bipartisan Legislative agenda for fully funding the Home program, requested a sliding scale property tax exemption for disabled Veterans that commensurates with their level of disability, and advocated for employment, health, and welfare needs of Iowa veterans, in legislation and through subcommittee.

When we support veterans, we support the civil rights of all Iowans. We have approximately 1800 Veterans in Muscatine County alone and 186k Veterans in Iowa.

Servadio Elias' experience in working on legislation for Veterans and disability needs for all Iowans means she is ready to represent Legislative District 96 and do more than advocate for legislation, but go fight for and vote for our collective needs as a Democrat.

Focusing on community

Putting people first

Servadio Elias' goals are to cultivate the health, wealth, and prosperity of all Iowa’s Citizens.

That means strong infrastructure, increasing low-income housing, fully funding public schools, making our District and all of Iowa an equitable place for everyone to live with clean land and water. Servadio Elias supports mental health parity and affordable healthcare.

With hard work, unity, effort and time we can win this race. We can invest in our community together with her representing you in HD 96.

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Focusing on the facts moves us forward

She gets results

Servadio Elias wrote the Veterans in Crisis Care Act and still fights for Mental Health Parity for all Iowans.

She is the founder of the Iowa Hemp Industries Association where and led the charge to get the Iowa Hemp Act signed into law which gives Iowa farmers the opportunity to expand into industrial hemp production and gives Iowa manufacturers new sustainable product and market opportunities.